Car Seat Breathing

Our NHS Car Seat Campaign

Many road traffic experts believe the advice given by health professionals is poor.

This can not be surprising as they are not trained to give this advice and they would argue (understandably) they already have lots to do.

But giving good basic car seat advice is not too difficult and we would argue that in just a few minutes we could train anyone in the "golden rules" of car seat fitting.

The advice given on NHS websites is very poor and there is no policy in regard to how long a newborn should stay in a conventional car seat which we believe is crucial in saving lives.

We have already contacted NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) asking them to come forward with a policy to recommend to the NHS but they say it is not in their remit. 

So we are contacting our MP and making representations to the NHS executive. We are also looking at launching a national campaign with 38 degrees.

Watch this space! 
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