Car Seat Breathing


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Please note you may have to do a search to see the full versions of a report or possibly open an account with the publisher.  You will note as the research reports dates get more recent conclusions tend to become more concerning.

You can also do your own research. The key words & phrases include:   Car Seats, Breathing, Problems, Car Seat Challenge, Oxygen, Oxygen Desaturation, Newborns, Hypoxia, Apnoea, Bradycardia.


Is the infant car seat challenge useful a pilot study in a simulated moving vehicle?


Respiratory instability of term and near term healthy newborn infants in car safety seats.


Effects of child seats on the cardiorespiratory function of newborns


Premature infants in car seats.


Oxygen desaturation of selected term infants in car seats.


Use of seating devices in infants too young to sit.


Ventilatory changes in convalescent infants positioned in car seats.


Safe Transportation of Preterm and Low Birth Weight Infants at Hospital Discharge


The car seat: a challenge too far for preterm infants?


Apparently life threatening events in infant car safety seats


Simple car seat insert to prevent upper airway narrowing in preterm infants: a pilot study


Randomized controlled trial of a car seat insert to reduce hypoxia in term infants


Sudden unexpected deaths after discharge from neonatal intensive care unit


Limiting the risks of apnoea and bradycardia in low birth weight infants using car seats


Screening for cardiopulmonary events in neonates: a review of the car seat challenge


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