Car Seat Breathing


These are the test results in graph format from the Fleming/Arya medical research report. Please bear in mind that these are AVERAGES so whilst some newborns adapted well to a car seat others did not. 

As adults we should have a 100% blood oxygen level but sometimes we fall a few percentage points especially when we are unwell.

A newborn baby tends to be slightly lower than adults for a time, a 96% or 97% is normal. However levels below 92% are normally very concerning and action would almost certainly occur in a hospital environment. 


The top graph shows the number of desaturations at <85%



The lower graph shows the levels that the blood oxygen fell too. Again these are AVERAGES so some newborns would have been above average whilst some others would have been below. About 12% of newborns tested reached potentially dangerous low levels. 
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