Car Seat Breathing

About Us are an online baby product retailer based in Portsmouth, England UK a link to our website is at the bottom of this page. We also have a physical shop called "Baby 2000".

We are known within the trade for our "industry firsts" and an in-depth knowledge of children’s car seats.  In 2009 we partnered the Consumer Organisation Which? at a child seat safety event in Kent and our experts have appeared on national TV many times. We have been involved in baby product retailing for over 35 years and over the years sold millions of different baby products. 

We were the first retailer in the UK to produce in house video demonstrations so our customers got to see how products worked and to date we have had over 2.8 million hits on our YouTube channel (Baby2kdotcom).

We have lots of other industry firsts as well but this satellite website is not about us it’s about a danger we have known about for a very long time .........the lowering of a new-borns blood oxygen levels when secured in a car seat. 

In our local area we are aware of four new-borns (over a sixteen year period) who have passed away whilst sat in their car seat and sadly one of those was a family member of own team.

His name was Lochlan... and he was just 26 days old.

A link to the relating website in Lochlan's memory is here:

We know this is an issue everywhere and that in the Newcastle area two babies died within weeks of each other whilst sat in car seats. We feel very strongly that not enough is done to tell parents about the problem and how best to lower the risks. 

Because we have always been passionate about in car safety our sales team comprises of more IOSH accredited car seat fitters than any other non-national retailer. This level of car seat fitting often applies to a Road Safety Officer.  For full details click this link:

We do simply everything possible to keep children safe from offering world class expert advice to not selling difficult to fit car seats online. No other retailer has ever followed our examples. We believe we are the best.... we know we are not the biggest.

We hope you will find this website useful and that one day you will visit our retail website and become a Baby2k customer and yes we do price match and we send to over 20 countries within Europe! (advert over). If you need any help please feel free to contact us.

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