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Welcome to the Car Seat Breathing website .....  a website that many car seat manufactures may well not want you to explore! Actually, we should have called this website "car seat breathing problems" but the tittle is just a bit too long! 

But one thing is for sure, conventional infant carrier car seats can cause breathing issues for any newborn placed in them in the early weeks of life and in some cases this can lead to tragic consequences.

We would also mention that the image in our header showing a newborn falling forward is for real and occured during medical research tests (hence the lead measuring blood oxygen levels). At the start of the test the newborn was secured in the "from birth car seat" correctly but the motion caused the baby to start to slip forward and out of the safety harness. The other image shows a baby in a Jane Matrix Light 2 multi position car seat in the lie flat mode. There are no prizes for working out which newborn is most comfortable and in the safest position. 

Whilst all of car seat suppliers try to design car seats so your little one is protected as best as possible in a road traffic accident very few consider the breathing problems that car seats may cause to some new-borns. 

Just like the cigarette manufactures of the 1950's and early 60's many, (including some of the biggest brands), ignore the medical evidence built up over several decades.

For the proven facts are that when a newborn is placed in a sitting device at an upright or semi upright angle (such as a car seat) their blood oxygen levels can sometimes plummet to dangerous levels possibly causing brain damage and in rare cases death. Our Research History, Graphs and SIDS and RTA Statistics pages give all the details. 

So, if the car seat breathing problem has been known for so long why did most car seat manufactures ignore all the medical research you may ask.

And the answer is simple seat safety is wholly driven by third party (consumer organisations) crash tests.  Car seat manufacturers fear that a poor crash test result will mean bad publicity, lost sales, product recall, huge costs and long term brand damage. 

When you buy a washing machine you expect it to wash clothes but equally you don’t expect that it will catch fire or electrocute someone. In other words, there are two tests, does the washing machine wash clothes and is it safe to use.

Child car seats are tested for their main purpose but not tested in relation to the occupants potential health implications and we believe that is a fundamental “duty of care”.  After all, if washing machines were not tested for electrical safety we would all be very concerned!

Some would expect the European consumer organisations (who drive the crash tests) would have medical checks, but they do not make any health tests at all!

In relation to car seats they certainly save lives in a road traffic accident........but at what cost to a newborns health?

This website has been built to inform and to campaign, over the years we are aware of four babies in our local area who suffered SIDS whilst sat in a car seat.

The NHS in the UK has been incredibly slow in the past thirty years to inform parents about the dangers of car seats and the current advice offered by health professionals is best described as scant. are on a mission!

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